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Steps Dance Centre has played an instrumental role in training dancers in the Kootenays since it first opened its studio doors in 1991.

With instruction in multiple forms of dance from Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Modern and numerous others, it has been a training facility of many Kootenay area dancers who have since gone on to successful careers in the dance and theatre industry.

As well as our seasonal classes which run from Fall to Spring, we also offer Summer intensives for students and Dance Camps for little ones.

All Instructors at Steps are continuously training in order to ensure our students receive the best possible dance education.

Steps Dance Centre offers professional dance instruction to 3 years of age and up from the beginner to the most advanced student. With the numerous classes and programs Steps Dance Centre offers, we are confident that we have the class for you, so don’t wait any longer when you should be DANCING!


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See what some of our friends have to say

Great experience for our daughter!

Our daughter has been a "Steps Dancer" since she was 3 years old. What started out as a fun opportunity to wear a tutu has blossomed into a passion that I find uncommon in most children her age. The cognitive & athletic skills that she is acquiring are amazing to me. She is not only learning to dance but developing self-confidence, a sense of commitment and belonging as well as deep connections and friendships with other dancers. Thank you Rhonda & Steps for providing such a great experience for our daughter, our family and for the community.

This dance family has become lifers!

This dance family has become "lifers"! Our first daughter danced for thirteen years with STEPS, the second for twelve years and now number three is up to nine. The role modeling, attention to time management, self discipline, fitness, music appreciation, a sense of belonging, creativity and of course, fun indeed reinforces that it takes a community to raise a child. Thank you, STEPS for providing our family a healthy place to interact.

Thank you for everything

Thank you for everything over the past 4 years. Everyone at your studio has been wonderful and you have provided a very fun and nurturing environment for the girls to learn in while giving them a great start to dance. All the best to you & everyone at Steps.

A huge thank you

We have now been a part of the steps dance family for 7 years in total. Rhonda has been an incredible role model for our 2 daughters. She has an amazing rapport with all her students and she recognizes the strengths and abilities of each individual. She BELIEVES in each and every one of them. Our children have become confidant, disciplined, responsible and dedicated young women through Rhonda’s leadership. Now that the girls participate in competitions throughout Canada and the United States it is evident through the numerous awards the studio receives that even though we are from a small town the caliber of dance is of top quality. A huge thank you to Rhonda and all the teachers at Steps dance studio for all that you do for our family!!!

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