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Download our Studio Policy and Ettiquette Handbook

Steps Dance Centre has policies/guidelines that we have found make our business more efficient and beneficial to both us and our students/customers. Please review the following booklet in order to ensure you are getting the most out of the dance season at Steps.

Why don’t you have open observation class?

Experience has shown us that most PreSchool and younger levels dancers focus better on what what is being taught in class when there is not the distraction of observers. As for older students, we find they concentrate harder on technique and less on performing for observers, therefore getting the most out of their class work.

Is there a special time when I can observe my child’s class?

Yes we have observation week during Fall Term, date will be announced in a Fall Term Newsletter.

What kind of commitment is expected from Student/Parents as far as Performances?

PAs we are a ‘Performing Arts ‘ Centre we do concentrate heavily on community performances. Although participating in any public show is not compulsory dancers are expected to support their group by being available so as not to force re-choreography. (If a student does not wish to participate notice must be given to the instructor at earliest possible date) All level classes are expected to take part in the Steps year end performance in May. (This includes dress rehearsal etc.) Community events participation will be left up to the instructors discretion depending on how prepared each class is.

What happens if a student misses classes?

As we do not give refunds for any missed classes we encourage students to make up any class they have missed. You may ask the instructor which class substitute is appropriate. Missed classes must be made up during the same term. We appreciate if you can let the Studio know if your child will be absent from classes.

Do you teach on Holidays?

Besides our Christmas and Spring breaks we do not teach on Thanksgiving Monday or Easter Monday. Unless informed all other holiday classes run as scheduled. You may always check the bulletin boards, website and answering machine if there is any doubt.

What happens if you cancel a class?

If there is not enough time to contact everyone in the class (eg. Snow storm) we leave a message on the answering machine or post on our website, and make sure that there is someone in the office in case a student has been dropped off. All canceled classes will be made up in the same term.

Do all students participate in local festivals/competition?

Unless they are members of Steps Dance Company all class participation will be left up to the instructor’s discretion. If your student’s class will not be involved in festival (which is usually held in March of April) you will be informed no later than one month before the competing date.

What are students required to wear to class?

For Jazz and Tap classes all students must be in dancewear. No jeans, T-shirt or street wear will be permitted. Ballet students will be required to wear a class bodysuit and pink tights that must be paid for when they register. Jazz and Tap students must have their hair pulled back off their face and Ballet students are required to have their hair in a bun.

How are parents informed of upcoming events?

Our main system is newsletters sent home with the dancer. These usually go out 2 times during the term. If you do not receive your newsletter please call the office and let us know. All information will also be posted on the bulletin boards at each studio.

Can a student take private lessons if they feel they are behind or would like to move up a level faster?

Certainly. This is a great way to advance to the next level faster and we encourage any student that feels a little frustrated or simply anxious to improve to take advantage of private coaching. Our rate for privates varies depending on the instructor, please check with the office for rates.

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